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CCS, located in Pittsburgh, PA, offers art classes for kids in grades 5–12, including classes for the unique developmental needs of middle school.

Phone: (412) 334-2567
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  • Imagine the Possibilities

    Imagine the Possibilities

    SPRING CLASSES in each program listed below support many academic goals: portfolio development, enrichment, exploration, and early advantage studies.

    COLORFUL POSSIBILITIES: Cherry Court Studios offers art classes tailored for the unique developmental needs of middle school, as well as portfolio development classes for high school. Classes meet once a week, 14 weeks per session. Each class is 1 1/2 hours long. Congratulations 2017 CCS National Scholastic Award recipients: Vanessa Anthony, gr. 12, and Jack Martin, grade 11.


  • IMAGINE for Grades 5 & 6

    IMAGINE for Grades 5 & 6

    For grades 5 and 6

    Students entering grades 5 and 6 are invited to try our IMAGINE program. Classes engage students to expand their creative zone by exploring new possibilities in the areas of drawing, painting and sculpture. Spring Semester, 2018, offers 7 exciting lessons including:

    • Figure Study in Winter
    • St. Basil's Cathedral -- Exploring Pattern in Architecture
    • Jungle Dreamscape Inspired by Henri Rousseau 
    • Mexican Folk Art: Amate Bark Painting   
    • Painting Covered Bridges
    • Polymer Clay Gnomes and Homes
    • Amusement Park Art and Design
    • PROGRAM GOALS: building confidence in one's creative ability, exercising problem-solving skills, improving design and rendering skills, exploring new media, artists & cultures, thinking outside the box, and appreciating the artist's task. Students who complete one semester receive a Cherry Court Studios IMAGINE medal.
  • ART CHALLENGE for Grades 7, 8 & 9

    ART CHALLENGE for Grades 7, 8 & 9

    For grades 7 through 9

    Students entering grades 7, 8, and 9 can begin our FUN-damentals of Design course called ART CHALLENGE, which expertly guides students through a sequentially arranged series of creative problems. While kids are having fun conquering new Challenges, they are gaining advanced creative, design, and vocabulary skills in the visual arts.

    Students draw their way through early Challenges, paint their way through middle Challenges, and explore three-dimensional design in later Challenges. Inspiration comes from a diverse collection of artists, cultures and historic periods.

  • ART & TECHNOLOGY for Grades 8 and up

    ART & TECHNOLOGY for Grades 8 and up

    For grades 8 and up

    Students entering grades 8 and older who have completed at least 12 Challenges can study ART & TECHNOLOGY. Classes explore Adobe Photoshop, turning ordinary photos into fantasy images. The remaining classes explore special effects in CorelDraw.

  • INTENSIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT for grades 9 and up

    INTENSIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT for grades 9 and up

    For grades 9 and up

    Students entering grades 9 and up who have completed at least 12 Challenges may choose our advanced program INTENSIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Students train their eyes to observe and record, while exploring the artist's role as visual poet. Students draw and paint still life, people, and environments.



    For grades 10 and up

    Upper School for high school students in grades 10 - 12 is dedicated to PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT. Studies include the completion of INTENSIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT, CREATIVE EXPLORATION OF MEDIA, PERSONAL STYLE, and IN-DEPTH STUDY.

    Cherry Court Studios is for kids who love to draw. Some Cherry Court students may become great artists, or enjoy long productive careers in the visual arts. But for those who don't choose art-related fields, creative skills are assets that last a lifetime.



    Cherry Court Studios
    2017 Scholastic Regional & National Award Winners!


    Congratulations National winners:

    Vanessa Anthony, grade 12, Portfolio Award - Silver Medal of Distinction, Plus 2 Gold Medals

    Jack Martin, grade 11, Silver Medal


    Congratulations Regional Winners: 

    Vanessa Anthony, grade 12, American Vision Nominee, Emma Munson Memorial Award, Gold Portfolio, Silver Portfolio,  (5 G) , (3 S)

    Roderick Allen, grade 7, (1H)

    Brinna Babich, grade 11, (1S)

    Hailey Counihan, grade 8, (1S), (2H)

    Sharon Dong, grade 11, (3G), (1H)

    Jenna Izydore, grade 12, (1G)

    Ava Kazmierczak, grade 8, (2S)

    Jack Martin, grade 11, (1G)

    Zehra Mehdi, grade 9, (2G), (1S)

    Eva Nypaver, grade 8, (3H)

    Thaddaeus Nypaver, grade 10, (2S), (2H)

    Lauren Rogus, grade 12, (1S)

    Noel Rollock, grade 12, (1S), (1H)

    Brooke Schmitz, grade 9 (2G), (1S)

    Helena Sturdevant, grade 11, (2H)

    Akshaya Sudhakar, grade 10, (1G), (1H)

    G=Gold Key, S=Silver Key, H=Honorable Mention        


infoRegistration for spring semester is now open. 





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