is for students entering grades 8 and up

lauren-dragon-fliesThis course is available to students in grades 8 and above who have completed at least 12 Challenges from the ART CHALLENGE program. Students create art in two computer programs: Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. The first is a bitmap program which manipulates photographs. The second is a draw program based on vectors.

Computer art has evolved so rapidly that it is regarded as fine art all by itself. It is fun for young students, who have grown up in the computer age, to push the limits of what can be created.

This course will be arranged as a 1½ hour tutoring session meeting at the same time each week. If students do not own these programs, they may schedule practice time when the studio is open for classes.

During the summer, students may elect to study any of the programs offered during the school year. They will consult parents and instructor to set up seven three-hour tutoring sessions plus optional practice time.

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