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Our Vision

Colorful Possibilities

Cherry Court Studios is an after-school art program for students in grades 5–12. Our innovative ART CHALLENGE program is designed for the unique developmental needs of middle school, while our upper school program builds outstanding senior portfolios.

Quality Art Lessons

Parents often become frustrated when they try to locate quality art lessons for their children in middle school.

Sports programs, as well as dance, piano, and karate classes are plentiful. But at a time when the artistic child should be immersed in the richest visual arts experience possible, educational opportunities dwindle.

For most children, this high-energy age, marked by rapidly developing motor skills, a vivid imagination, and a voracious appetite for new things, is a time when they have less opportunity to formally study art than any other period in their lives. Public schools commonly place art on a rotation with other “fringe” subjects like music, industrial arts, and home economics.

As a result, art classes appear on the schedule for only part of the school year. Parents know their talented children could benefit from extracurricular lessons, but find a lack of programs especially for middle school.

Our Mission

Teaching the innovative artists of tomorrow

Cherry Court Studios is for children in grades 5 through 9 who love to draw. Classes are small. Lessons suit the unique developmental needs of middle school.

This foundation enrichment program will enhance learning that follows in high school and college. Each student is mentored according to his/her unique personality, learning style, and combination of talents.

Perhaps one day innovative professionals in many fields will recall Cherry Court Studios as their place for monumental beginnings.
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Upper School at Cherry Court is for students in grades 10 through 12 who wish to progress as far as is possible in these areas: developing a high quality portfolio, discovering the beginnings of a personal style, pinpointing artistic strengths, and preparing for competitions.

Each student at Cherry Court is unique, with a personal range of talents, experiences, interests, and ambitions. This program’s goal is to mentor each student based on those qualities, providing an environment of support and encouragement. Emphasis will be placed on setting goals and working to achieve them. Guidance concerning higher education and how to excel at that level will be integrated into instruction.

Cherry Court Studios only accepts students to the Upper School who have been part of the middle school foundation program. It is important for students and parents to recognize that to excel in any discipline, students must begin studies early and practice often, electing both school district classes and participating early in extracurricular programs.
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What Alumni are Saying

"Best student art program around. Thank you, Marianne, for all you have done to encourage and teach my daughter. I sincerely believe that she would not have been able to accomplish as much as she has been able to accomplish to date, without you."

Amy K.

"Through college and in my personal life I’ve used so much of what Miss M taught me from designing CD labels for my music to creating original artwork for my personal website. Art will always be an important part of everything I do."

Sean N.

"Thank you for everything! You are a great teacher and I have learned so much from you over the years. You have certainly inspired me to pursue a degree/career in art! Thanks for helping me to discover my passion."

Catie D.





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Telephone: (412) 334-2567

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Non-Discrimination Policy

Cherry Court Studios does not discriminate in its program of education on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or handicap/disability. Our Policies.